SECOND Dry Oilskin Project Bag - Ink / Pink pocket

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This bag is a second, and marked down accordingly. The leather has scratches around one of the rivets on the back of the handle, where a rivet broke and I had to remove and redo it. I've upped the contrast so it's easy to see, but it's on the underside of the handle, and will become less noticeable with use.


A rather nice knitting bag for your special projects, in a classic inky navy. 

Reminiscent of a 1930s boxing bag, this drawstring knitting bag will provide storage for small to large projects. The last photo shows my own oilskin bag after three years of heavy use. This was a lighter colour red oilskin.

The bag is fully lined, with two external and one internal pocket. It's well-batted, so will stand up on its own. There's a black drawstring, and hand-finished NZ veg tan leather handle in very dark brown.

There's lots of top-stitching, and room for a fair bit of yarn - I can get a good 10 skeins in mine. Hardware is solid brass.

Height -  29 cm/11.5 inches
Width - 36 cm / 14 inches
Depth - 15 cm / 6 inches (that's measured along the bottom boxing)
Outer - British dry oilskin.
Inner - Undyed fabric in a mix of Japanese cotton/linen / unbleached canvas / unbleached heavy calico - or a mix of these, carefully pieced together to reduce waste. 
Internal pockets - Liberty vibrant pink floral print!

Bag outer can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. Dry oilskin will get a more crumpled look, and lighten with age. It is possible to smooth out some (but not all) wrinkle marks, with light use of a hair dryer.

Inner can be carefully washed, keeping the leather strap and oilskin out of the water. 

Bag drawstrings are quite stiff - this softens up with use.