Suri Alpaca and Silk Heavy Laceweight! - Styx

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Styx is a murky greyed teally brownish sort of colour, with tonal variegation. It's more matt in dull light, but shines in the sun. Think underwater caverns, and slimy old rocks. 

(This yarn has been double-set and rinsed a number of times. Due to the nature of non-treated fibres, there may be some small amount of dye shedding. Swatch carefully if you are using this yarn with much lighter colours!)


This new base is very nice indeed - like kittens for knitting!
74% Baby Suri Alpaca / 26% Mulberry Silk 50g / 300m

Excellent by itself for light as a feather accessories, and very pleasing as a carry along yarn for garments!


Cold hand wash with just a few drops of uncoloured and unscented dishwashing liquid.