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Dry Oilskin Needle Roll - Old Gold / Retro Space

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A rather special needle roll to keep all your bits and bobs together, easily accessible, and tidy!

This roll is reminiscent of a chef's knife roll, it's portable, practical and designed to last.  I've been using my prototype for five years, and it's looking good! (See last pic) My roll is shorter than this one, I've added some depth to accommodate longer needles. 

It's lightly padded, and can be rolled, or folded. I fold mine in half, then half again. Then it sits flat on my knitting shelf!

The rolls are handmade in Wellington, and the screen printing is done by a local firm.  I've dyed the cotton tape in a blue grey.

Height -  32 cm/12.5 inches
Width - 35.5 cm / 14 inches

Outer - British dry oilskin (the oilskin sometimes looks uneven after manipulation during making, this will even out with use!)
Inner - Cotton
Printed pockets - sturdy cotton drill